The Kakadu Plum Co. founded by Tahlia Mandie was created to make Australia’s super food Kakadu Plum available in an easily accessible natural powder product 100% Australian made and grown.

The Kakadu Plum Co. is all about promoting the health benefits of this magical Australian native fruit, grown and harvested in Indigenous Australian communities across the Kimberly Region. A purchase of a Kakadu Plum Co. product assists with supporting Indigenous communities and the Australian native food industry.

Australia to You now stocks both Kakadu Plum Original and Lemon Myrtle varieties. Health benefits of the Kakadu Plum are well known with strong anti-oxidant capability and rich in Vitamin C, using Kakadu Plum Co powders can assist in promoting a healthier immune system.

Kakadu Plum Powders can be added to just about any types of foods and drinks like smoothies, juice, breakfast muesli and oats, or on baked vegetables. Start enjoying the health benefits today, shop Kakadu Plum Co. product range.