Alpine Berry Farm – Strawberry Jam 285g


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Nothing brings back the taste of summer like strawberry jam. And nothing brings the kids back to the table like Alpine Berry Farm’s Strawberry Jam. Handmade and containing no artificial flavours or colours, this jam brings the whole family together with its unadulterated sweetness that’s perfect for breakfast or a healthy afternoon snack.


Australian Made

Sugar, Strawberry(42%), Pectin, Citric Acid

Serving size: 15g

Servings per package: 19

                               Quantity Per Serving           Quantity Per 100g

Energy                                  193kj                                      1290kj

Protein                                  0.2g                                       1.5g

Fat (Total)                            0.0g                                       0.1g

-Saturated                            0.0g                                       0.0g

Carb                                      11.0g                                       73.2g

-Sugar*                                 11.0g                                       73.2g

Sodium                                 1mg                                        5mg