Bilpin Bush Honey – Honeycomb 400g


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The Honeycomb used in Bilpin Bush Honey is specially selected from our hives to be infused with the honey. The honeycomb is edible and has many health benefits, including aleviating allergies. The extra flavour the honeycomb creates is well balanced and can vary slightly from season to season.

Sold as 400g jar

Australian Made

Serving size: 25g

Servings per package: 16

Quantity Per Serving           Quantity Per 100g

Energy                                  360kj                                      140kj

Protein                                  0.1g                                         0.3g

Fat (Total)                             0.0g                                       0.0g

-Saturated                            0.0g                                        0.0g

Carb                                      20.5g                                      82.1g

-Sugar*                                 20.5g                                      82.5g

Sodium                                 4mg                                       14mg

*Sugars naturally occurring in honey