Barenuts Macademia Farm, Talegalla Weir north Queensland, located in the stunning Fraser Peninsula hinterland, a place drenched in sunlight and having some of Australia’s most fertile soils due to the ancient volcanic composition of the land formed over millions of years.

This is the place where Mick & Jodie husband and wife team started their Macadamia Farm known as ‘Barenuts’, a haven of healthy Macadamia trees, farmed using organic methods. With more than 2,000 mature plants on the farm lovingly cared for and harvested, Barenuts Macadamia’s offer a gorgeous textured smooth flavour in every nut.

Renowned for their excellent health benefits, macadamia nuts are rich sources of vitamins and contain no bad LDL cholesterol which makes them the perfect healthy choice to promote heart health.

Australia to You now stock’s a range of Barenuts products including signature divine premium bare macadamia, and to spice things up a bit an Australian flavours range “Bush Tucker Blends” using Australian grown herbs and spices including wattleseed and chilli, lemon myrtle & bush tomato.

In addition, we also feature Barenuts pure Macadamia butter, this delicious healthy butter rich in natural plant sterols is a very healthy alternative to dairy butter, and can be used as dip, on crusty gourmet toast with avo or banana, or just fine on its own to increase your health and vitality.

Australia to You also stocks Barenuts Macadamia Oil, this lovely flavoured oil will add a light nutty finish to salads and fish dishes or used as a cooking oil to fry due to its high smoke point. Barenuts Macadamia oil is the perfect Australian made gift idea and can be included in one of Australia To You’s premium gift box ranges.

Start shopping the Barenuts product range here or include one of our Barenuts products in your gift box today!