Naturally Raw Honey

Bilpin Bush Honey is produced in one of the purest places on earth – Bilpin. Found at 600 metres above sea level and close to two of Australia’s largest World Heritage wilderness areas, Bilpin is where you’ll find pristine water, fertile soil and cool, clean country air.

It’s no wonder the bees thrive in this environment. The conditions are ideal for honey-production resulting in the delicious flavours and unrivalled texture of Bilpin Bush Honey.

Their most popular product is undoubtedly the Raw Honey – unrefined, chemical-free and sourced from the nectar of the flora allowing the honey to have a subtle flavour difference from season to season.

Then there’s the varieties infused with Honeycomb, Vanilla Bean, Vintage Cream, and Walnuts. All unique and simply mouthwatering.

Bilpin Bush Honey was founded by Rob and Gina, and to this day is produced on their farm in Bilpin. Since day one they’ve offered a pure and unprocessed product that’s lovingly made in some of Australia’s purest environments.

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