Daintree Estates is a premium producer of cocoa beans in far North Queensland in the Daintree hinterland region and is the first business to grow cocoa beans commercially in Australia. Run as a co-operative of dedicated farmers and chocolate makers, and led by a team of passionate Australian experts.

Daintree cocoa beans are lovingly grown in the stunning Daintree region, near one of Australia’s most beautiful world heritage National Parks, the Daintree.

Grown in fertile soils and blessed by natural sunlight, the cocoa beans are carefully dried and roasted through a specialist process and then made into a delectable tasting Chocolate that is unique to the Daintree brand.

Australia to You features different varieties of Daintree Chocolates for your indulgence. Each style has a unique flavour including Aussie Milk, Bush Mint, Coffee Mocha, Dark, Pink Salt, Lemon Myrtle, Pinot Noir and Shiraz.

Daintree chocolates have a beautiful texture each flavour starts mild and becomes more intense as you consume them.

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