Diana Harley is an accomplished writer, author, poet and playwright living and working in the Bega Valley of New South Wales. Many of her short stories etc. have been featured on ABC Open in past years. Also she has written a number of books and won prizes.

Two of her uniquely Australian books (“Butterflies” and “Beetles and Bugs”) have been listed on the Premiers Reading Challenge in NSW and Victoria for a number of years.

Combining her love of words with her love of Australian nature, Diana has written three charming picture books for children that will both delight and educate.

“Beetles and Bugs” is a big movement book centred  on the little world of fascinating Australian beetles and bugs.

“Butterflies” is a stunning book that lets the reader’s imagination move with the buttterfly through our magnificent Australian flora.

“Underneath the Apple Tree” stirs the imagination with its easy-rhyming verse and happy cloud-gazing theme.

Facts of Interest, cloud activities and photocopiable colouring pages feature in separate books.

The books are 100% Australian having been written, illustrated, published and printed in Australia.

Aimed at the birth to 8 years age group, Diana’s books are bright, colourful and great fun for kids.

Happy reading! And click here to read her three books.