The Kim’s Classic Handmade Soaps STORY

Most great product ideas come from something the founder needs or desires themselves. And this is true of Kim’s Classic Handmade Soaps. Fed up with the commercial soaps that were too harsh for her skin, Kim set about creating a range of luxurious and chemical-free soaps that help your skin retain its natural oils.

From her workshop in Wollongong on NSW’s South Coast, the entire range of soaps is produced using what’s known as the ‘cold process method’ and the base is made up of a combination of Olive Oil (50%), Rice Bran Oil (40%) and Coconut Oil (10%). The soaps are then coloured using natural soap dyes, spices or food colours and are scented using luxury pure essential oils or high quality fragrance oils.

Kim also offers a range of Natural Soy Candles, a sophisticated and safe choice for creating a relaxing aromatic ambiance around the home. The candles are made with the finest soy wax available and are non-toxic (unlike paraffin wax candles) – making them safe for the whole family to enjoy and less likely to trigger allergies.


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