In the depths of the Byron Bay hinterland you’ll find a world untouched. You’ll find breathtaking rainforests, ancient volcanoes, a world so pure, so perfect. And you’ll also find the source of some of the most wonderful teas you have ever put your lips to.

Koala Tea is a true representation of its environment. Made from the highest quality plant ingredients, the tea is certified 100% organic and produced with unparalleled care by Founders Elle Fikke and Howard Rubin.

Koala Tea is good for both body and mind. Unwind after a day of work with the No Worries tea, or sip on some Dreamtime to help you sleep. And it’s not only good for you, but good for the world around you. All the tea is beautifully packaged using recycled and ethically sourced materials, and the tea bags themselves are unbleached, ensuring you don’t encounter any harsh chlorines or bleaches.

So from common favourites such as English Breakfast Tea and Pure Peppermint to the more unique herbal varieties, Koala Tea allows you to drink from some of the purest places in the country.

Drink in the goodness.

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