Bilpin Bush Honey – Walnut 150g


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How do you improve upon Bilpin Bush Honey’s Raw Honey? The short answer is you don’t. You simply offer variations for those looking for a different taste sensation. And that’s how Bilpin Bush Honey’s Walnut Honey came to be. Infused with locally sourced Walnuts, this Australian-made delight will leave you wanting more.


Australian Made

Serving size: 25g

Servings per package: 16

                                  Quantity Per Serving             Quantity Per 100g

Energy                                   360kj                                      140kj

Protein                                   0.1g                                        0.3g

Fat (Total)                             0.0g                                        0.0g

-Saturated                             0.0g                                        0.0g

Carb                                       20.5g                                      82.1g

-Sugar*                                  20.5g                                      82.5g

Sodium                                  4mg                                       14mg

*Sugars naturally occurring in honey