5 Top Australian Gift Ideas

Top 5 Australian Gift Ideas

Expecting overseas visitors or looking for that perfect gift to take when visiting friends and family?

It’s always hard when we are presented with the “what present can I buy that is demonstrably Australian” but that is also not too corny. Vegemite is not as welcome as we might think, and imported stuffed Koalas don’t really make the grade.

We surveyed our customers and cross-referenced the data with our sales tracking to come up with these Top 5 Australian Gift ideas:

Australian Made Chocolates

Chocolate is one of our favourite treats to have and we all love the taste, so no wonder Australian made chocolates came up as a favourite.

One of our own favourites is our Blood Orange Chocolate. Made by 100% Australian grown cocoa beans and ingredients. The orange adds a lovely zesty flavour to Chocolate and you can experience this with Daintree’s Blood Orange variety.

Skincare The Australian Way

We can all use a little help when it comes to skincare, and a skincare gift is a great way to share a touch of Australia on a very personal level.

We just love our Sattwa Bella Hand and Body Lotions. Made with essential oil of sweet orange, mandarin and neroli in a lotion enriched by sweet almond oil, macadamia, coconut oils, cocoa butter and mango kernel butter, this lotion is all about nourishing dry skin whilst simultaneously calming the mind and giving it the quiet it needs to be creative or connect with its higher self.

Emu Oil Soaps

Clearly, the Emu is one of the ultimate symbols of Australia, and a gift with Emu oil in ot is not only memorable, it also has a variety of healthy qualities.

Uniquely Australian, Emu Oil has been around for quite some time. In fact, it has been used by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years. They used it to relieve minor aches and pains, to heal wounds and protect their skin from the harsh conditions of the land.

Kim’s Emu Oil soap is great for treating all kinds of skin conditions, and is made using a combination of Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, and of course, Emu Oil. Equally important is what’s NOT used in making this soap. You’ll find no chemicals, no colour and no fragrances, allowing you to use it as often as you like.

Bush Honey

As an island continent, Australia enjoys some of the most pristine environments for the production of a wide variety of natural products, and honey is no exception.

And our Bilpin Bush Honey is simply how honey should taste – pure and sweet. It’s also unrefined, chemical-free and sourced from the nectar of the flora, giving it subtle flavour differences from season to season. This unique honey is also collected with care and jarred with love, keeping it unprocessed and making it Bilpin Bush Honey’s most popular honey.

Gift Boxes

And of course, if you can’t make up your mind, or you want to share a diversity of Australian tastes and experiences, then an Australia To You Gift Box is the perfect option.

Our Australiana Premium Gift Box includes divine Australian-made and grown chocolates from Daintree Estate’s dark chocolate range including Aussie Dark and Bush Mint. In addition pure, unrefined Bilpin Bush Honey with honeycomb, the way nature intended. And to make things more Australiana we’ve included No Worries tea from the Koala Tea range and Alpine Berry Farm’s sumptuous fresh high-end raspberry jam.

Finding the best  Australian Made Gift ideas is never an easy task, and we hope you have found the inspiration that you were looking for from our research and recommendations.

Give the gift of Australian beauty to your dear friend or loved one for that special occasion.

Shop Australian made gifts  for your dear friend or loved one. We bring you the best 100% Australian made products and make them available via one online shop, delivered directly to you.

We now feature products from different producers Australia-wide with more (soon to be announced) joining the Australia to You family in 2017!

Our newest addition to the family is Barbara from the Southern Highlands NSW who produces beautiful hand made eco-friendly cards view Barbara’s profile here.

Treat yourself also to our other fine products including organic teas by Elle and Howard’s Koala Tea, made in the stunning Byron Bay Hinterland, or delectable raw honey from Gina and Rob’s Bilpin Bush Honey from the Blue Mountains region, or Rebecca’s gorgeous array of Sattwa natural skincare products.

And if that’s not enough why not visit our producer’s page to find out more about the people who make our products featured in our gift boxes range.

Our discerning staff try and test every product before it can be featured on Australia to You, so our promise to you is only the highest quality premium 100% Australian made products, making the perfect gift.

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Warrawong Lookout


Recently we visited Fitzroy Falls in the NSW Southern Highlands and we undertook the beautiful East Rim and Wildflower walking track, it’s a lovely escape from the main path and lookout at Fitzroy Falls if you want to escape the crowds a bit.

The walk features some really beautiful cool climate rainforest, you descend into it giving you a lovely fresh wilderness feel. The walk also has plaques setup by National Parks that describe the different types of flora in the area provides valuable interpretation of Australian trees, flowers and plants.

We were also lucky enough to spot a Lyrebird which are quite common on this walk! But you’ll need to walk quietly and have a watchful eye!

We walked to beautiful Warrawong Look Out that takes approx. 30mins from the Visitor Information Centre at a leisurely pace. The view from Warrawong which we have included in this post is stunning, you can see right down into the valley and far south across the rolling Wilderness and plateaus of Morton National Park, not to mention looking back towards Fitzroy Falls! Want to see more beautiful photos of the scenery? Come to our Facebook here and like it! 

With Spring Time now upon us it really is a lovely time to visit the Australian Bush, and experience some of the blossoming wild flowers, especially Australia’s wattle varieties which is where Australia’s iconic Green and Gold colours derive from!

With Spring Time, means Fathers Day, on Sunday 4th September! If your looking for a natural gift for your Dad look no further than our Koala Gift Box or why not shop our Bilpin Bush Honey Range, Daintree Estates Chocolates or Koala Tea Range. Alternatively, you can also mix and match different products and customise your own gift box to include teas, marmalades, chocolates and honey!

Email one of our friendly staff at hello@australiatoyou.com.au, we ‘d love to hear from you or visit our online store here: https://australiatoyou.com.au/store/

Our newly launched website now features our ‘add a gift card’ feature, where we select a beautiful Australian made gift card by one of our esteemed Australian artists collections. You can also add in your own personalised message for your Dad!

Enjoy Spring time and we wish you a wonderful Fathers Day 2016!